Are you reaching your potential?

Developed by an accredited fitness professional for your specific goals. Our experience and knowledge, combined with advanced software ensures that you're always progressing towards your goal. All with support from your coach only a click away.

Renovated, Refurbished and Revitalised

Pin Loaded


With an extensive range of the latest pin-loaded machines we have your full body workout covered.  Great for teaching and maintaining correct form, pin-loaded machines also assist building consistency through personalised adjustment whilst allowing for small increases in weight overtime. 

Plate Loaded


Our range of the latest plate-loaded machines, smartly laid out in body parts allow those who train slit routines to train more and walk less. Covering the full body we have an incline leg press, standing squat machine, glute hip thrust, lying leg curl, chest press, incline chest press and more.

Free Weights

A fully featured free weights area including Smith machine, 45 degree leg press, cable machines, flat and incline bench press and a full suite of barbells, speciality bars, fixed barbells, dumbbells and benches will bring your workout to the next level. 

Functional Training

A dedicated space, featuring multi-user rig with a full suite of bumper plates and a wide selection of functional equipment including dead balls, kettlebells, wall balls and power bags. Complete with GHD, Assault Bike and commercial grade boxing bag this area has the space and equipment to deliver your functional fitness goals. 

Cardio Training

Our dedicated cardio zone features a range of treadmills, upright bikes, recumbent bikes and suspension ellipticals. With Concept 2 Row Erg’s, Ski Erg’s and an Assault bike also available . Our cardio room offers you more with Foxtel available across four large televisions.  

Track your progress and see your body composition change

Our Evolt 360 body scanner can give you quantitative measurements of your body's composition to track and measure the effectiveness of your training and so much more.